Celebrating Warmth this Season


When thinking of the holiday season what are some of the things that come to mind? Family, love, cheer, warmth, and reminiscing fond memories of those you love. Here at Maria's Blazing Aromas, our goal is to invoke the nostalgic and warm feelings of the holiday season with our fall candle fragrances; Treasure, Relief, Longing, Sentimental and Warmth. These fall fragrances will provide the perfect aroma therapy addition to any home, office or studio so your guest can indulge the spirit of the holidays. Each of our candle fragrances is curated with a loving memory of Marie Phillip, whose memory is the inspiration behind our business. Marie absolutely loved the holiday season because it brought her entire family together during her favorite holiday Thanksgiving, to the everyday memories of her favorite snacks and her even favorite flower-it was a yellow rose. This can be reflected in each of the curated scents for the season. Treasure-smelling of warm banana nut bread, her mother's favorite snack; relief-a vanilla coffee fragrance reminiscent of the coffee her mother drink every morning; longing-a gingerbread cookie scent that reminds anyone of the fun holiday memories; and Marie- a rose-scented candle to honor her mother's favorite flower, a yellow rose. Here at Marie's Blazing Aromas, we hope that you can find comfort this holiday season in our new fall scents just as much as we have. Happy holidays to all.