What Makes Maries Blazing Aroma Different

Marie's Blazing Aroma is a company specializing in melting all of your tension and stress away, setting the mood and creating the perfect ambiance through aromas therapy. It was founded by Racheal Baldwin, who was inspired by her late Mother, Marie Phillip, who was the epitome of selfless love and devoted her own life to helping others. It is her spirit that drove Racheal to create products that would help others to feel good, pamper themselves and to promote a peaceful environment such as Marie's sweet soul.   It is Racheal's hope that you enjoy these products made in Marie's honor. 

Racheal was totaled grief-stricted since her mother's death in 2019. She discovered after many months that the only relief for her grief was to burn candles.  It provided the soothing and serene environment which was needed to rest.  It helped so much that Racheal found herself burning candles night and day, just to maintain that calm since of peace.  The flickering flame from the candle became a symbol of light, hope and optimism during a difficult time.

After spending a small fortune on candles, completing tons of reacand being a crafty individual, she found and developed her own trecipes for creating her own candles, which she continued making as a hobby. Her sister and friend discovered her candles. They looked wonderful, and friends of hers suggested that she put the matter up for sale. She followed the path of what started out as soothing emotional relief and turned into the creation of a fun career.

Each of its products comes with a story that will touch your heart and leave you with a feeling of warmth. It's frequently tricky to discover the moment a small thing begins to have a substantial impact on our lives. For some, it could be the point that their driving licenses are no longer valid; for others, it could be the death of a loved one. But no matter what the explanation, it's puzzling at numerous moments for us to observe how seemingly insignificant things could very well have an equally substantial influence on our lives, and that is what Marie’s Blazing Aroma specialty is. Our products are meant to transport you to the most nostalgic moments of your life.

The candles provide a warm, inviting environment that creates a soothing, calming atmosphere for Racheal. Their soft light and subtle fragrance create a mystical and tranquil setting, providing a warm memory of Racheal's mother, Marie. The smells of the candles can evoke warm emotions and create a comfortable ambiance for Racheal. This is how Marie's Blazing Aromas started.

Marie's aromatic masterpieces will definitely make you feel good about yourself. If a distinctive keepsake or an exciting treat is what you're searching for, be sure to check out our premium candle and whipped cream collections. You'll be glad you did.